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7 of the kids and I recently had the opportunity to attend the movie "Kung Fu Panda hosted by the Canucks Autism Network . The Canucks . Kung Fu Panda 3, Special Needs, Autism, Community, Communion

Finding support in the community

7 of the kids and I recently had the opportunity to attend the movie "Kung Fu Panda 3" hosted by the Canucks Autism Network. The Canucks Autism Network supports individuals and families effected by autism by providing sports, recreational, arts and social programs for individuals and families living with autism in communities throughout British Columbia. They also promote awareness and training regarding autism and have a library of resources available to support families. The movie was the…

Modified or adapted, decisions to be made Hard Decisions, Special Needs, Homeschool, Homeschooling

Modified or adapted, decisions to be made

Recently reviewing our children's school progress we had to make the hard decision of changing one of our daughter's from an adapted school program to a modified program. We have had to make this decision with other children in the past and trust me it doesn't get any easier making this type of decision. When a student works on an adapted program they still have to meet all the same learning outcomes but they can be presented in different ways. If a child can't complete the work with…

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Time to talk?

Recently it seems that there are more and more articles in the news of parents murdering their child/children and then sometimes committing suicide themselves. I find it extremely heart breaking that people are feeling that lost, overwhelmed, troubled or however you would like to describe it that they feel this is their best option. A lot of the stories I have seen recently the children have special needs and sometimes one or more of the parents also have health challenges, I totally…

Cuddle Beds are perfect for autistic and special needs children. They can aid sleep deprivation to children with autism spectrum disorder. Autistic Children, Children With Autism, Autism Signs, Autism Awareness Month, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Reflexology, Special Needs, Asd, Aspergers

6 Easy Steps, Preparing for Assessment

It's Autism awareness month and as luck would have it our youngest is going in for an autism assessment, so I thought I would share how we prepare for an assessment. Our youngest isn't our first to be assessed, as we have 3 diagnosed with autism, however it is still very stressful. We want an explanation for his unique behaviours and challenges, we hope the team assessing see's the challenges our child has and can recommend supports that will be beneficial. Also our son will be starting…

Over the years a few of our children have had the opportunity to participate in community theater and most recently one of our daughters has. Lights Camera Action, Light Camera, Therapy Ideas, Special Needs, Social Skills, Daughters, Opportunity, Theater, Community

Lights, camera, action it's time for social skills.

Over the years a few of our children have had the opportunity to participate in community theater and most recently one of our daughters has been playing the part of an "orphan" in the production "Annie". Theater has been such an amazing opportunity for all of our children and especially helpful for the ones with special needs effecting their social abilities. To many of us, with or without special needs, the thought of acting, of standing in front of an audience, playing a role, speaking…

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A s**tty, dumpster diving, ambulance ride kind of day.

Some days just don't go as well as planned, or hoped for, and in the life of special needs parenting the realities of life can be quite different than what most people experience in a given day. I don't know if it's the recent full moon or what but some of the children in this house have been way off, and their behaviours have just been bizarre. Yesterday morning when walking into the youngest boys room there was the undeniable smell of feces, the stench was way worse than anytime they have…

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Duct tape and cats don't mix.keeping special needs adults busy Special Needs, Duct Tape, Children, Business, Cats, Young Children, Boys, Gatos, Kitty Cats

Duct tape and cats don't mix.....keeping special needs adults busy

Keeping our 18 and 19 year old children with significant special needs busy for the summer has taken a lot of planning on our part. If not pushed and encouraged to do something one would sit and stare at the walls all day long and the other would be getting into all kinds of trouble. There is the added challenge, that although they are both adults, neither function anywhere near their age. Obtaining employment is not an option for either, at this time in their lives so it takes some creative…

Extreme Parenting: Successful summer barbecue's and children with special needs Summer Barbecue, Special Needs, Grilling, Success, Children, Ethnic Recipes, Jay, Parenting, Sweet

Successful summer barbecue's and children with special needs

We recently attended a multi family barbecue, these types of events can be challenging when you have kids with social and behavioural challenges. At this barbecue the adults were expected to sit and visit while the kids ran around and played. The majority of children at this event appeared to function typically which could have made our socially challenged children stand out even more if we didn't do some pre-planning before the event. Family and Friends Barbecue Time! For this particular…

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Tin foil on the windows....helping in a heat wave or warding off aliens!

We are currently experiencing a heat wave with temperatures in the mid 30's and it's expected to be even hotter today. I don't know about you but I don't do well in the heat and some of my children do even worse. For my seizure challenged children the extreme heat has been triggering more seizures so we are trying everything to keep them cool. This means that they aren't able to play outside past 10:00 am and we are trying to keep them happy inside a darkened house that seems similar to a…

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Re-homing, hmmm

Recently in the news I have been reading how a US senate subcommittee will hear how the federal government can stop parents from transferring custody of their adopted children to strangers met on the internet. This hearing is a response from a Reuters investigation into "private re-homing" were desperate parents are soliciting new families for their children. article here In the original Reuters investigation it tells of struggling parents, who felt they could no longer parent their child…

Check out this updated list of Down syndrome developmental milestones. Learning Through Play, Kids Learning, Baby Rolling Over, Down Syndrome Baby, Oral Motor, Developmental Toys, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Infant Activities

On their own track....Childhood development

This weekend we had the privilege of caring for our granddaughter while her parents had some time to themselves. We all had a great time playing, cuddling and interacting with her on her visit. Her many Aunts and Uncles from our family are always excited to play with her when she visits. Her 2 year old uncle is always extremely attentive to her every need when she is around and you can just see that when she is a bit more mobile the 2 of them will be into so much mischief together. Our…

Family pets can be a great addition to any family. We have found with many special needs in our family that pets have been a tremendous sup. Special Needs, Parenting, Pets, Friends, Animals, Life, Amigos, Animales, Animaux

The power of pets

Family pets can be a great addition to any family. We have found with many special needs in our family that pets have been a tremendous support for the individuals with these needs. Your average domestic pet can provide many therapeutic and health benefits. Having adopted 13 children over the years a lot of grief and loss has been processed throughout this time. Our dogs and cats are always loving and present when needed providing a great sense of security. Pets never judge, they don't talk…

Yes, I think disposable diapers make potty training harder. If you look at the average age a child was potty trained even just a generation ago, you can see that kids now take a lot longer to give up the diaper in exchange for using t Toddler Activities, Activities For Kids, Activity Ideas, Kids Potty, Teaching Boys, Potty Training Boys, Used Cloth Diapers, Diaper Rash, Disposable Diapers

I will race you going poop

We are in potty training madness around here. With four children, still requiring diapers full time we continue to have the hope/dream/desire that one day they will be toilet trained. These four children have a variety of significant special needs and it has been thought by their medical team that they may never be able to be toilet trained. I am encouraged by the fact that 2 of their brothers with similar challenges were successfully toilet trained, during the day, by the ages of 5 and 7…

We have been busy with more assessments, in the last couple months we have had 3 autism assessments and 4 neuropsychology assessments. Special Needs, Simple Way, Your Child, Children, Building, Fun, Young Children, Boys, Kids

9 Simple ways to build up documentation regarding your child's needs!

We have been busy with more assessments, in the last couple months we have had 3 autism assessments and 4 neuropsychology assessments. It is a never ending cycle with complex children between being assessed, trying to get reports that support their diagnosis and trying to qualify/obtain support. In order to obtain support in the form of therapies and/or educational assistance you need multiple specifically worded reports, that preferably aren't any older than 2 years old. A lot of the time…

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Who's on your team?

Complex children require the support of many professionals and as a parent it can seem like you are working on a never ending puzzle trying to figure out who does what and whom would be best to support the needs of your child. For our family we started with our family doctor when building our team as he referred us to a pediatrician. This pediatrician was a great doctor and worked okay at first but with constant issues with her staff not passing on messages or allowing appointments we soon…