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The National flag of Canada 1921 by King George V. Did you know that the Canadian flag was designed by a UAlberta alumnus?

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Canadian flag fluttering in the wind on Canada Day, Granville Island, Vancouver, BC, Canada - undefined

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canada-flag.jpg (620×310)

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Wishing you a safe and happy Labour Day from the team at Skyline Tax & Accounting Services!

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"Air shipping freight from china to Vancouver,Montreal,Toronto,Canada"

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I want to go to Canada because I have a friend that lives there

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On Canada's birthday Todd McDougall talks about the problems facing Canada in the face of the new hyper leftist/SJW culture. As Canada is still battlin.

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Today’s commentary has been written from its title. Not often do I title a piece until I have written it and edited for the .

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Join the fun on Canada Day Canada Day 2014 at Cape Mudge!