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Have you ever asked your doctor about the safety of vaccines, only to have your concerns dismissed? This magic question reveals that vaccines are unavoidably unsafe.

BLOG UPDATED SUMMER 2016 after American Academy of Sleep Medicine Recommends New Guidelines including: Infants 4-12 months: 12-16 hours total in 24 hours Children 1-2 years: 11-14 hours total in 24…

Sleep schedule goals by age: Having a sense of “what’s normal” is an important first step in developing a plan for improving your child’s sleep

This Get Pregnant Fertility Smoothie by Lori Bregman contains antioxidant-rich mixed organic berries, acai, wheatgrass, maca root, royal jelly, bee pollen, liquid omegas, and protein powder. Women around the world — including Molly Sims and Chrissy Teigen — are fans of the fertility, doula, and wellness coach-of-the-stars’ trio of smoothies. Click for this fertility smoothie recipe.

Women around the world — including Molly Sims — are fans of fertility, doula, and wellness coach-of-the-stars Lori Bregman's fertility smoothies.