Galettes de pommes de terre, ricotta & yogourt au miel

Galettes de pommes de terre, ricotta & yogourt au miel

Lasagnes roulées à la courge, ricotta & épinards

Pâtes au pesto à la crème & chair de saucisse

I was all ready to make pesto pasta for my man, until he cried "But we're out of meat!" I saved the day by adding Italian sausage.

Coquilles géantes farcies au poulet, épinards & fromage

Jumbo pasta shells stuffed with chicken, spinach & cheese - Recette

Biscuit aux pépites de chocolat dans une tasse

Just like my mug brownie, this cookie will perfectly satisfy sugar cravings.

Nouilles soba asiatiques au tofu & champignons

Burger de poulet, champignons & oignons rouges caramélisés

Tamagoyaki with Green Onions

Tamagoyaki is a Japanese rolled omelet and it is probably the most common way to eat eggs in Japan. You can find Tamagoyaki on breakfast tables, in bento lunches, and on top of sushi rice. You see it everywhere because everyone loves it.

Pâté chinois mexicain

Alex would kill for shepherd's pie. When I make it, he eats it for lunch and dinner three days in a row and gets sad when he realizes it's all gone.

Poisson pané au coconut, frites de légumes & mayo épicée

Spaghettis au pesto d'amandes grillées

A pasta dish is the perfect go-to dish for families. However, the same old tomato or meat sauce can get old. To mix things up, here's a roasted almond pesto recipe that'll be a nice change from classic tomato sauces.