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How should business people be addressed? First names are reserved for family and closer acquaintances. Professional titles [i.e. “Doctor”, “Profesor”] are an extremely important part of Mexican business protocol. Anyone without a professional title should be addressed by a courtesy title such as “Mr.”, “Mrs.” or “Miss” followed by a surname.

When it comes to dressing professionally as a young female doctor, strike a healthy balance between wearing what you want but do keep a few guidelines in mind.

What are the rules for gift giving? Gift giving is not usually a requirement in Mexican business culture. Presenting a small gift, however, will generally be appreciated as a gesture of good will. Appreciated Gifts: items with your company’s logo [for your initial visit and if appropriate],  a bottle of wine or scotch [for subsequent visits]

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When should appointments be made and how should they be kept? Mexicans place considerable reliance on personal relationships. Indeed, good personal relationships are the basis of business success in Mexico. Punctuality is not always as much of a priority in Mexican business culture. Nonetheless, Mexicans are accustomed to North Americans arriving on time, and most Mexicans in business, if not government, will try to be return the favor.

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