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I’ve always been a reader, but genealogy has gotten me into some different areas of reading. I’ve read; how-to books, local history books, genealogy fiction…
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the accident archivist by angelia bier is on display in this book
The Accidental Archivist
Added to my reading list about DNA. The Accidental Archivist is a personal, true mystery story. Genealogist by hobby, Bier pursues the unknown background of a relative’s parentage, particularly the father. #DNA #HoundontheHunt #GeneticGenealogy #readinggenealogy
a dog wearing glasses is reading a book with a double strand of code on it
Are You Reading DNA? - Hound on the Hunt
Are You Reading DNA? - Hound on the Hunt
an image of a clock with the words, my best geneeloy tips is time to start
My Best Genealogy Tips: It's Time to Start!
Just released. Perfect for the person just starting out in Family History. #HoundontheHunt #Genealogy
the cover for family secrets by beth farr, with trees and water in the background
Family Secrets: Ellie McLellan Genealogy Mystery - Book 1
A new series from a new author. I've added it to my wish list. #HoundontheHunt
the book cover for fighting devil's backbone
Tony L. Turnbow: books, biography, latest update
I started following author, Tony L. Turnbow. He writes historical novels. One called The Hardening of Hickory: The Missing Chapter of Andrew Jackson's Life. He also has a series of Young Teen/Adult books called Fighting Devils Backbone that sounds excellent for getting your teens interested in history. Check out his author's page. I'll be purchasing as soon as I catch up with my current collection on the go. #HoundontheHunt #ReadingGenealogy #ad
the cover of dana never lies, with an image of a woman's face
DNA Never Lies: You kept a secret for sixty years. It won't be secret much longer
I'm always looking for a book about DNA. So this fit the bill
two women standing next to each other in front of a bar with beer glasses on it
How to Fake an Irish Wake: A Humorous Mystery Set in Ireland (A Mags and Biddy Genealogy Mystery Book 1)
Book #1 in the series
the sawtooth slayer by nathan dyann goowin is shown in black and white
The Sawtooth Slayer (Venator Cold Case Series Book 2)
Only a few more days until the launch of Nathan Dylan Goodwin's newest book "The Sawtooth Slayer". But why not pre-order and not miss a minute? #HoundontheHunt #readingyourgenealogy
an image of the cover of american migration routes part i stagecoach, steamboat, canal and early railroad routes
American Migration Routes Part II - Stagecoach, Steamboat, Canal & Early Railroad Routes
William Dollarhide has just launched his new book American Migration Routes Part II - Stagecoach, Steamboat, Canal & Early Railroad Routes. Both editions are available at Amazon. #ad #HoundontheHunt #genealogy
three dvds on a gold and green background
Reading In my Car
One of my favorite way to "read" a book is with Audible. I can listen in my office or while I'm driving in the car. #Audible #Read #HoundontheHunt #ad
the book cover for outside the gate by carol marie newall, with an image of a
Outside the Gate: The True Story of a British Home Child in Canada
My friend Gail Dever told me about this new book so I've added this title to my wish list (yikes it's getting long) on Amazon. If you are interested in British Home Children as I am this one is for you. #HoundontheHunt
the book cover for secrets never to be told
Secrets Never To Be Told: The true story of a windfall inheritance and a very personal investigation
I bought this book after reading an article about how the author was contacted by an inheritance investigator about his ancestor. #HoundontheHunt #ad
the match by harlan cobenn is shown in front of a blue background
The Match: Wilde, Book 2
If you're into #DNA and #geneticgenealogy then you'll want to read the book I just finished, The Match by Harlan Coben. Excellent book with murder, mystery, and genetic genealogy. This is the second book, and you might want to read The Boy From The Woods, but if you don't, you'll be up to speed pretty quickly. Available on Amazon. #HoundontheHunt #DNA
all that she carried by tiya miles
All That She Carried
Often I read book reviews and then purchase or add to my Amazon wish list. I was going to put this on my wish list without reading the reviews. After reading the reviews I had to purchase. #HoundontheHunt #ad
the book cover for strands of truth by collien corble is shown
Strands of Truth
I just purchased, Strands of Truth. If you're interested in DNA and family history and of course a bit of mystery, then this book came highly recommended