Coming up with a detailed and measurable plan with help you achieve your #Goals let us help you #FamilyTLC #LifeCoaching  (scheduled via

The best goals are written down, specific, personal and measurable. You can't succeed without a detailed plan.

loss & grief counselling and suicide help

COHA is committed to providing compassionate, timely and supportive care to persons experiencing grief due to the loss of a loved one, even if the loss occurred outside of hospice.

depression,  anger & anxiety treatment

Sometimes you need the help of a professional to get anxiety treatment or therapy for depression or anger. Serving Barrie, Collingwood and Alliston.

separation and divorce counselling

The Philippine Supreme Court Has Ruled on Easing the Guidelines for Annulments of Marriage for Those With Psychological Capacity - Read

counselling for seniors

At Family TLC we recognize the stress of life transitions. Through a safe and confidential setting we offer counselling for seniors for your Golden years.

child and teen counselling and child psychologist

Child counselling helps if your Barrie child is struggling with stress, anger management, depression or other problems. Call Family TLC near me in Barrie.

parenting counselling

Articles: Preschool Social Studies: Preschool KELS SS Exploring Me and My World, Good article with some ideas to teach your little one about his/her world.