Winter Whites

If you had asked me in November to design a Winter White board I would have waxed poetic about snowflakes and holidays and hot chocolate smothered in marshmallows. But it is February, and my vision of Winter White has changed drastically.
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Pina Coladas are my ideal winter beverage.  #RogersWinterWhites

PINA COLADA 1 cup coconut milk 1 cup pineapple juice cup rum 4 tablespoons white sugar 8 cubes ice *mix all in a blender

White BlackBerry Z10 #RogersWinterWhites

White BlackBerry Z10 #RogersWinterWhites

Scarf vs. Lei? No contest!  #RogersWinterWhites

double style dendrobium orchid lei is hand crafted from white dendrobium orchid blossoms

A nice, fresh white blouse.  #RogersWinterWhites

TENLEY BLOUSE -- Our blouse charms with lace details that rise and fall from the bodice to the billowy sleeves. Sizes XS S to M to L to XL Approx.

Mykonos is white at its brightest.  #RogersWinterWhites

Mykonos: windmills, pelicans and white sand

White stuff known to fall from the sky.  #RogersWinterWhites

How to Substitute Coconut Oil for Butter When Baking. Combine the ingredients according to the recipe. When it calls for butter, substitute three-quarters the amount of coconut oil. For example, if the recipe calls for one cup butter, use cup coconut oil.

White Heron Sanctuary in New Zealand  #RogersWinterWhites

White Heron Sanctuary in New Zealand Kotoku

Costa Rican white sand beaches.  #RogersWinterWhites

Costa Rican white sand beaches. #RogersWinterWhites