I love living in Canada ; )

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The way Americans think about Canada is hilarious. Any of you Americans have any question about Canada?

Cops Across The World...I just might immigrate to Canada(?) -"dOk"

(Yep, moving to Canada, eh) Police brutality across the world // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

Canadian apology…

Canadian apology…

Funny pictures about Polite Canadian Apology. Oh, and cool pics about Polite Canadian Apology. Also, Polite Canadian Apology photos.

Reasons to Fear Canada :-) #Canada I'm laughing so hard right now!! Proud to be…

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Canadian Problem

Another epidemic. I think they should make individual donut boxes to avoid this…

this year at all

Not this year, surprisingly still no snow here in Thunder Bay but all the trees are bare

Meanwhile in Canada added a new photo. - Meanwhile in Canada

You go skiing, you can get nasty sunburnt and balls ass cold within a few hours

Canadian Problem

NOT REALLY FUNNY: Canada was effectively a human shield between the States and the Soviet Union during the Cold War. So glad that's over - now let's hope it doesn't happen again with North Korea.

Canadian Problem.

Canadian problems - I always have to explain this, even though I'm third generation Canadian.