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So why to the two Revs, tell their people that the hate against Whites is what MLK wanted? Oh, and MLK was part of the GOP.

Over the years, I’ve been hearing more and more about people unable to do “service” on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day do a daylight fast to honor the discipline, willpower, and sacrifice that MLK had …

Benjamin Franklin

Authorities were shocked on February 1998 when workmen restoring Benjamin Franklin's London home dug up the remains of six children and four adults hidden below the home. A Mason, Benjamin Franklin's links to occult secret societies have long been known.

57 states

Obama still thinks we have 57 states--maybe this is how he overspends on the 7 invisible states, huh? Clint Eastwood and Barack Obama discuss ObamaCare

Giovanni Paolo Panini, or Pannini (1691-1765) — Modern Rome, 1759 (1476×1144)

Modern Rome, 1757 Giovanni Paolo Panini (Italian, Roman, Among Panini’s most brilliant inventions are this picture and its pendant, Ancient Rome . They contrive to show the most famous.