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Roasted Carrot & Apple Purée ~ a wonderful side dish to serve with autumn and winter meals. Winter Meals, Winter Food, Hospital Food, Roasted Carrots, Vegetable Side Dishes, Side Dish Recipes, Curry, Amp, Autumn

Roasted Carrot & Apple Purée

Textures and colours have always been important to me when it comes to food. I’ve had two memorable meals that were so off the mark that they made hospital food look good. Both were served on plain white china. Just setting the mood. The first was served in a small home eatery on one of…

Yam Oven Fries ~ the sweetness of yams with the zing of lime ~ out of the oven, just in time! Fast Food Restaurant, Fries In The Oven, Yams, Vegetable Side Dishes, Side Dish Recipes, Nom Nom, Treats, Vegetables, Cooking

Yam Oven Fries

There are certain foods that we know are treats, and should be eaten rarely. French Fries are the ubiquitous side that comes with so many meals. Fast food restaurants started to give us more choices, but fries still hit the plate more often than not. Fries with gravy stepped up the not–good–for–you quotient even more! …

Roasted Potatoes Bbq Grill, Grilling, Yukon Gold Potatoes, Roasted Potatoes, Vegetable Side Dishes, Side Dish Recipes, Baking, Vegetables, Food

Roasted Potatoes

When roasting a good cut of meat, roasted potatoes make for a lovely side dish. Use a good Russet or Yukon Gold potato to get the right texture. The par-boiling allows for the potatoes to have a bit of pre-cooking before roasting which helps to speed things up, as well it gives us a chance…

Butternut Squash Gratin with Baby Kale & Pecan ~ super easy side dish with great flavour. Side Dishes Easy, Vegetable Side Dishes, Side Dish Recipes, Pecans, Butternut Squash, Fried Rice, Kale, Super Easy, Seeds

Butternut Squash Gratin with Baby Kale & Pecans

Back in the beginnings of our life on the farm, we used to grow squash in places where we’d had a burn pit. We’d turn over all the ash, add some compost, and plant a few seeds. Sometimes they were seeds that a friend had from the last year’s crop. The biggest were Hubbards, and…

Green Pea Cakes with Apple & Fennel Salsa ~ brilliantly green little vegetarian cakes, sweet & fresh, topped with a tart bit of apple & fennel salsa ~ a springtime delight! Vegetarian Cake, Green Peas, Vegetable Side Dishes, Fennel, Side Dish Recipes, Avocado Toast, Tart, Salsa, Gluten Free

Green Pea Cakes with Apple & Fennel Salsa

Today, spring truly feels like it’s on our doorstep. There are a few days in early spring, when it just feels like spring has really arrived. Somehow in a matter of days the frogs are louder, and the birds are busier. The horse pastures are vibrant green, while the crocii have opened up under the…

Swiss Chard with fruit & nuts - something that you just have to try - old European thing, but totally good NOW! Vegetable Side Dishes, Fruit, Veggies, Food, Meal, Vegetable Sides, The Fruit, Vegetables, Eten

Swiss Chard with fruit & nuts

We grew up next door to an elderly couple, the Coles. Mr. Cole had converted most of his very large back yard into a year round producing garden. I think they realized that although we were a big active family with “always room for one more”, that our parents needed to be very thrifty to…

Gingered Carrots ~ a simply delightful way to elevate the common carrot ~ Gluten Free naturally. Vegetable Side Dishes, Side Dish Recipes, Ratatouille, Chicken Wings, Vegetables, Ethnic Recipes, Carrots, Gluten Free, Food

Gingered Carrots

Our first truck was a ’47 Ford 1 Ton. Dark green with gold detailing, and very much a work truck. In the early eighties, with my hair in braids, wearing a down vest, and gum boots, I loved being the one that would go to town to pick up supplies, whether it was feed or…

Prosciutto Laced Potato & Rutabaga Pie ~ absolutely fabulous with roasted meats. Roasted Meat, Absolutely Fabulous, Vegetable Side Dishes, Prosciutto, Side Dish Recipes, Bacon, Good Food, Potatoes, Pie

Prosciutto Laced Potato & Rutabaga Pie

A few nights ago, the sisters and I decided to have a mini potluck and cards night. Nothing fancy, just a bit of good food and a game of cards (and maybe a bottle or two of wine). It was so fun to go to the little house in the woods, for such a cozy…

Glazed Parsnips ~ sweet and delicious, good for you, too. Great accompaniment for roasted meats. Also a fabulous base for a vegetarian dinner. Root Vegetables, Veggies, Cast Iron Frying Pan, Roasted Meat, Vegetable Side Dishes, Side Dish Recipes, Glaze, Bacon, Vegetarian

Glazed Parsnips

This time of year, it’s all about root vegetables. The more of them we eat, the better we’ll be able to handle spring when it comes. Which is not today. This is how Mom used to cook parsnips, glazed in a cast iron frying pan. It is still my favourite way to eat them. Parsnips…

Rutabaga with Dijon ~ eat your neeps ~ this super nutritious & yummy veg needs more love! And I didn't just fall off the turnip truck. Turnip Truck, Vegetable Side Dishes, Side Dish Recipes, Mashed Potatoes, Diet, Vegetables, Fall, Ethnic Recipes, Side Recipes

Rutabaga with Dijon

The under-loved rutabaga (swede, neeps or yellow turnip) has been part of the European diet since pre-historic times, and been used as livestock fodder since at least the 1400’s. It has fed folks through famine, and kept livestock alive through the winter. It may be whimsy, but I can easily visualize a young serf walking…