Fatima Medeiros

Fatima Medeiros

Fatima Medeiros
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Portuguese Kitchen: Pork

I thought I'd post something a bit different, instead of my usual seafood dishes. The Portuguese love roasts believe it or not. Typically m.

With Love from the Kitchen : Papas / Portuguese Porridge

With Love from the Kitchen : Papas / Portuguese Porridge - my grandmother always made this when we were sick. I make it today as a desert and every time I put a spoonful in my mouth I am a little girl again.

Portuguese  Spaghetti

I bet you envision a spaghetti dish full with tomato sauce. This dish is light on the tomato sauce with, ground beef and chouriço. This recipe is where the Italian, Asian and Portuguese get togethe…

Feijao Guisado

FEIJAO GUISADO / BEAN STEW 3 ounce cans of Red Kidney Beans cup of linguica sliced crosswise 4 tbsp olive oil 1 finely chopped onion 3 cloves of garlic, sliced crosswise 1 bay leaf 3 tsp of tomato paste 1 tsp of salt 3 cups of water In a medium pot add…