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A couple of weeks ago I tried my hand at making croissants! And I have to say, even though it was time-consuming and confusing at first, it was well worth it.

Structube - Accessories : Paintings : 2889 SET 3

Structube - Accessories : Paintings : 2889 SET 3

Christmas and paganism - A history of celebration and its roots

Celebrating Christmas is, as many people perceive around the planet, not a Christian festival but a pagan one. Here, I discuss, why it is so and the roots of paganism and Christmas doctrine

Celebrating Christian holidays in Canadian Public Schools

Christian holiday celebrations at public schools are creating concerns with many non-Christian faith parents

Bay of Fires, Tasmania, Australia.

Bay of Fires, Tasmania, Australia - It is an area of idyllic white-sand beaches, placid lagoons and hidden coves with suitable accommodation choices and fishing and diving facilities. A major drawcard for visitors is the four-day Bay of Fires Walk organis

What`s Black in Black Friday

Many Americans will wake up at 12 A. on the night of Thanksgiving to partake in Black Friday sales. In previous years, we've seen plenty of doorbusters o