number of the day #morning work Saw a wonderful teacher do this every morning and it was awesome. She just added the whole class together finger spelling it in the air.

Summertime Math

Number of the Day activity. One teacher said, "I saw a wonderful teacher do this every morning and it was awesome." Morning Math warm up.

Easy Marshmallow Snowman Treats

Christmas Recipes: Marshmallow Snowman Treats

paper plate fish bowl

Our Week: Under the Sea Theme 2

During another fun-filled week we talked a bit more about life under sea and different ocean animals. We learned about aquariums too, and how to look after a pet fish. We worked for half of the week on this fish bowl craft

This is a visual poem to help students understand how subtraction works. The poem seems to rhyme, which can also make it easier for students to understand or remember. There are arrows pointing to the numbers to help students as well. - Lauren Davy

grade- Teaching Subtraction with regrouping-The poem's fine, but check out the dance moves/actions to go with it! This is a fantastic idea for teaching regrouping. Wish I was teaching Grade

recycled rocket craft

Recycled Rocket Craft

Recycled Rocket Craft can either be used during week 6 "rec pac gives back" or week 4 "space explorers" yay recycling!

Use with writing journal self portraits to teach adjectives.

Life in First Grade: adjectives Endless ideas for centers, writing ideas, and learning activities for the early primary student.

Remembrance Day Activities

Runde's Room: Remembering Remembrance Day - includes video appropriate for reminding about the importance of a few moments of silence Veterans' Day

poppy poems - Google Search

Remembrance Day in Grade We have this great little booklet we put together. The kids learn a bit about the significance of the poppy AND they practice their printing!