The 10 Most Beautiful Villages In Canada // ©michaelmatti

The 10 Most Beautiful Villages In Canada

Kayaking on Barrier Lake in Bow Valley Provincial Park ~ Alberta, Canada • photo: Ron Niebrugge on Wild Nature Images

Kayaking on Barrier Lake, Bow Valley Provincial Park, Kananaskis Country Alberta, Canada

Creative ideas for a lakehouse birthday party or summer party. Love the idea of using an old canoe as a buffet table.

Canadian Passport Under Blacklight

Canadian Passport Under Blacklight

The first stop of every road trip in Canada.

canadian meme (applies to us Michigan folk too!)--> I would like to disagree with this but I can't due to the fact that my family stops to get something from timmies at almost every quick stop when we're on road trips

How to road-trip Canada on a budget

How to road-trip Canada on a budget

Road Trip Canada Trans-Canada Highway by Frank van den Bergh / E+ / Getty Images

I always have to remind myself not to order ice tea when I'm in the states or else it's a shocker on that first sip lol

I love American iced tea. I have a major problem with Canadian iced tea. All of these are so accurate

#Canada #weather #funny #unpredictable

If you don't like the weather in Idaho, wait 5 minutes, it'll change.

Sandy McTire

Canadian Tire money, in a display of world currency, ahaha! (My husband's been known to tease clerks in USA stores with Canadian Tire money) :-/

Tim Hortons First World Problem

Funny pictures about Game of Thrones problems. Oh, and cool pics about Game of Thrones problems. Also, Game of Thrones problems.

Canadian problem

Canadian Problem - you know you're right but the US keyboard tells you you're wrong!