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Feature Friday- Ukrainian Egg Tutorial

Beautiful Pysanka, Pysanky Eggs by Katrina Lazarev.

Pysanky A note on pronunciation, “Pysanka” is correctly pronounced “Pih-sahn-kah” with the plural “Pih-sahn-kih”. All with short vowels.

The Mitten by Jan Brett (retelling of an old Ukranian folk tale - it's her illustrations that make this version stand out)

The children loved reading The Mitten by Jan Brett and making their own paper mittens with their favorite animals drawn inside of it. They love the beautifully illustrated animals and the silly story of them all crawling inside a boy's small mitten.

Ukrainian Pyrohy Dough Recipe: Ukrainian Pyrohy

Ukrainian Pyrohy Dough (Filled Dumplings)

Ukrainian Pyrohy Dough Recipe - Recipe for Ukrainian Pyrohy Dough(Not Veranyky)

dough birds

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