Emily Carr, Tree

Emily Carr inspired tree art - use a pencil to draw outline, then trace over with black sharpie. Use a white crayon to add designs, then finish with a water colour wash.

Emily Carr

Lone Cedar Post-Impressionist artist Emily Carr was born in Victoria, BC in At that time the early settlement was a few thousand s.

Emily Carr, The Bay

Emily Carr, The Bay, Canadian Group of Seven

Emily Carr. Trees in the Sky | AGO Art Gallery of Ontario

Trees in the Sky, 1939 - Emily Carr Emily Carr born and died Victoria, British Columbia, 1871 – 1945 Trees in the Sky

Emily Carr - British Columbia Landscape, (Seashore Forest,) 1940

Harris's Lake Superior painting fetches $968K

British Columbia Landscape, (Seashore Forest,) Emily Carr, oil on paper laid down on plywood

Emily Carr

Indian Community House (oil on paperboard mounted on hardboard) Emily Carr

Above the Gravel Pit, 1936 by Emily Carr.

Above the Gravel Pit, 1936 by Emily Carr. Carr was born in British Columbia, and is one of Canada's most renown artists. She is well known for her totem paintings and rain forests,landscape works, and amazing spiritual paintings of trees