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Pre vs Post run stretching routine 🏃🏼‍♀️
Happy Monday team!! We hope you’ve all had a fab weekend 🫶🏼 We thought we’d put together some side by side stretching routines for pre vs post run! Stretching is super important to get the most out of exercise, yet It is often overlooked! It is also super easy to get confused with dynamic and static stretches and when to do them… Here are some pre & post stretches you can add before & after your run to get the most out of it and avoid injury ! We hope this helps!! #Workout
Women Arm And upper Body Gym Workout
Here are 3 exercises adapted for home, without machines, only with the help of an elastic band!
Although we have many accessories in the gym, most of the exercises can be adapted so that you can train from the comfort of your home. You enjoy reduced costs and much, much time saved! And if you want results and an effective training plan, I have a special package for you. We can train together, online, and you get my guidance, exercises that change DAILY, and a free meal plan. cc: @carmenalbiter_fitness
The best glute exercises to increase strength and size at gym
1) banded abduction | 2) single leg kneeling squat per side | 3) 15 glute bridge | 4) 12 single leg deadlift per side | 5) 15 Glute kickback per side | 6) 15 donkey kickback per side _______By @jenna.deleon _____Song: Vegas - Doja Cat
How she transformed her booty