E 96.5 N54 2013

Truth & Indignation: Canada's Truth and Reconciliation Commission on Indian Residential Schools by Ronald Niezen. Edited by TEC.

E 99 Y9 J345 2013

Jason Baird Jackson’s Yuchi Folklore, the result of twenty years of collaboration with Yuchi people and one of just a handful of works considering their experience, brings Yuchi cultural expression to light.

GN 17 C29 2013

Anthropology and Global History: From Tribes to the Modern World-System free ebook

GN 285 P37 2013

The Hardcover of the The Neanderthals Rediscovered: How Modern Science Is Rewriting Their Story by Dimitra Papagianni, Michael A.

E 78 C2 P52 2013

First Peoples of Canada: Masterworks from the Canadian Museum of Civilization by Jean-Luc Pilon and Nicholette Prince

GN 281.4 H46 2016

The Secret of Our Success : how culture is driving human evolution, domesticating our species, and making us smarter by Joseph Henrich

E 76.2 J64 2014

Encyclopedia of native tribes of North America / Michael G. color plates by Richard Hook.

TJ 211 R48 2015

An Anthropology of Robots and AI: Annihilation Anxiety and Machines

TX  353  P75  2014

The Palm Beach Daily News shows some love to "Fifty Foods that Changed the Course of History" by Bill Price!

E 78 C2 K58 2014

E 78 C2 K58 2014

GE56 W28 A3 2015

The Right to Be Cold - Hamilton Public Library