Biometric Applications

Biometric technology can be used for a great number of applications. Chances are, if security is involved, biometrics can help make operations, transactions and everyday life both safer and more convenient. Here you will find a list of the many areas of deployment for biometrics and the companies that provide applicable identity solutions.
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mobile biometrics from Morpho

Mobile biometrics solutions live at the intersection of connectivity and identity. They incorporate either one or many biometric modalities for.

Biometric Border control from Morpho

Biometric border control solutions are keeping international boundaries secure while making travel easier.

Biometric Time and Attendance

How to stay focused on meeting your business and career goals and dispense with all the noise.

Law Enforcement Biometrics

Biometric technology and law enforcement have a very long history, and many very important innovations have sprouted from this beneficial relationship.

Financial biometrics

Daon Highlights Success of Biometrics in USAA Mobile App - FindBiometrics

Fingerprint Biometric Locks

Fingerprint biometric locks are perfect for keeping doors closed to all but those authorized to use them.

consumer and residential biometrics

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biometric security

FST Biometrics Tech To Bolster Brazilian Security Firm