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John James Audubon, The birds of America. — John James Audubon, The Birds of America. Passenger Pigeon, Audubon Birds, Birds Of America, John James Audubon, Vintage Birds, Bird Prints, Painting Prints, Art Print, Botanical Illustration

“Martha’s Message” – March, 2020

Bearing witness to a murmuration – the spectacular phenomenon of countless birds soaring together as one, dipping and diving in perfect unison – is an awe-inspiring experience. Profoundly unde…

"One growing shift in public consciousness that was evident in the wide variety of message-bearing placards carried by climate strike marchers through the streets of Vancouver concerns the environmental impacts of animal agriculture. Young people like Greta Thunberg who have identified veganism as a significant way those of us with the privilege of choice can help reduce GHG emissions are inspiring others to follow suit." Vancouver Art Gallery, Government Of Canada, Animal Agriculture, Truth To Power, 13 Year Olds, Vegan Lifestyle, Inspire Others, Veganism

“Tipping Points” – Nov., 2019

The news that massive crowds are assembling around the world to demand action on our climate emergency is indeed heartening. “We’ve reached the tipping point!” an optimistic fellow is…

"More Trees, Please" - Sept. Sriracha Aioli, Pumpkin Mousse, Meat Markets, Animal Agriculture, Food Security, Crispy Potatoes, Food System, Root Vegetables, Base Foods

“More Trees, Please” – Sept., 2019

The scent of fall is always bittersweet. But here on the west coast of Canada this year, it comes with immense relief that our skies have remained relatively smoke-free – so far. What ha…

by Fireweed for the Island Word, JULY 2017 edition By the time Deb Bishop managed t. Island, Outdoor Decor, Kitchen, Home Decor, Cooking, Decoration Home, Room Decor, Kitchens, Islands

Listening - JULY 2017

by Fireweed for the Island Word, JULY 2017 edition By the time Deb Bishop managed to get as close as possible to the two dogs stranded on the cliff towering above her it was starting to get dark. Neither Leeloo nor Bamboo were within reach and the slippery slope beneath Bishop's feet was completely unstable. “One of the hardest things I've ever done is look that dog in the eyes, tell [her] to 'stay' and then climb down,” she reported the next morning following Bamboo's successful rescue by…