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Terra Edibles - Organically grown vegetable and flower seeds including uncommon, rare and heirloom varieties many with unique qualities such as superior flavour, higher nutritive value, low space requirements, or bee plant.

Old Fashioned Mix hollyhocks. Plant by our fences.

Old Fashioned Mix. Single biennual that re-seeds 2627 Old Fashioned MixA. ficifolia This is the single hollyhock with large flowers in shades of white, yellow, red, pink, and maroon.

Halo Mix Hollyhocks. Blooms first year.

Tall mix of brightly bi-coloured flowers 2628 Halo MixA. rosea Brightly bi-coloured flowers that sparkle in the cottage garden. An English bred variety of first year blooming single flowers.

Mapple Farm

Mapple Farm - Specialties include: Short-Season Sweetpotatoes, Distinctive Tomatoes, Jerusalem and Chinese Artichokes, Horseradish, Garden Soybeans and more.

Lilium - Oriental Lily Double Flowering (Rose Lily Anika) Double white petals striped lime green along the midribs, very fragrant, long-lasting and excellent cut flower.

The Cutting Veg

The only thing better than the organic veggies is the people who work here. I volunteered here for a few months and I absolutely loved it!