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two people in a kayak on the water with mountains in the background and text that reads, what are you supposed to wear when kayaking?
What to Wear When Kayaking; Your Complete Layering Guide
Kayaking is an amazing sport to try out but it can be a bit tricky trying to figure out what to wear in which weather conditions. What I will say is a great rule of thumb is dress as if you are about to go overboard! A good way to understand what you need to wear is figuring out what the water temperature will be and dressing accordingly..
the front cover of an inflatable paddle board and a photo of a person's feet
Inflatable Paddle Board Vs Hard board: Which Is Best For You
One of the first major decisions that faces us is what board should I go with? inflatable paddle board vs hard board? Unfortunately I cannot tell you what is better right off the bat. What I can tell you is which best suits a particular lifestyle. #inflatablepaddleboardvshardboard #inflatablepaddleboard #hardpaddleboard #floatingauthority
kayak storage 101 store a kayak on the deck or in the back yard
15 Ultimate Tips on How to Store a Kayak Properly for Years
Congratulations on your kayak purchase! You have found a fulfilling hobby to enjoy with friends and family and are having all the fun in the world! Then Winter comes and you think “Ohh shoot Where am I going to put this thing”? Thankfully there are plenty of indoor and outdoor solutions that can best suit your needs on how to store a kayak. #howtostorekayak #indoorkayakstorage #kayakstorageideas #outdoorkayakstorage #floatingauthority
a man sitting on top of a boat with the words how to choose the best trolling motor for kayak
How to Choose the Best Trolling Motor for Kayak -
Silence is the name of that trick that helps fishermen triumph over their purposes. But what if the trolling boat makes a terrible sound? What if there are vibrations all over the water and those little creatures get aware of the impending danger? #kayaktrollingmotor #kayakmotor #besttrollingmotor #floatingauthority
the health benefits of kayak exercise info sheet with information about how to use it
20 Health Benefits Of Kayaking: Keep Fit Doing What You Love
Kayak Exercise is a great form of exercising any way you look at it. Not only does kayaking benefit your physical body but it also benefits your mind and gives you the steps to living a healthy life #kayakhealth #mentalhealthbenefitsofkayaking #physicalhealthbenefitsofkayaking #kayakexercise #floatingauthority
the ultimate kayak buying guide
The Ultimate Kayak Buying Guide - Find the Kayak that You Can Trust -
The only Kayak Buying Guide you will ever need. We go over the types of kayaks, kayak materials, kayak design aspects, hull shapes, lengths and widths and how they relate to choosing the right kayak for you. Along with Accessories you need before getting out on the water. #kayakbuyingguide #kayakdesign #kayakhullshapes #kayakaccessories #kayakmaterials
a man riding on top of a surfboard in the ocean with text overlay reading how to use a stand up paddle board
How to Stand Up Paddle Board 9 Things Beginners Should Know
How to use a stand up paddle board? You just jump on and paddle off majestically into the distance right!? Well.. No.. There are a few things you have to do before you ride off into the most majestic of sunsets. Luckily we have summarised them for you in here. #howtopaddleboard #standuppaddleboarding #paddleboarding #howtouseapaddleboard