Naples's Tastiest Feasts - Italy

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Naples is known as the birthplace of pizza and indeed some of the greatest pizzerias on earth can be found here. These overshadow the trattorias but they in many cases are just as good serving pasta and risotto dishes whose recipes have influenced global cuisines for centuries.

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Pepe In Grani : Naples

Pepe in Grani, situated 50km from Naples, has become a world-renowned pizza destination. Franco Pepe, the mastermind craftsman behind his delicious pizzas, has painstakingly perfected his closely guarded recipe. Combining ancient techniques and ideal flavors, he has created a masterpiece. He rese...

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Pizzeria Starita : Naples

If you seek traditional pizza in Naples go to Da Michelle or Brandi. However one of the world’s most innovative pizzas can be found here is as well at Don Antonios Pizzeria Starita. The Montanara (which can also be sampled at his New York outpost) is lightly fried and then baked. Sacrilege?...

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Antica Pizzeria Port'alba : Naples

The worlds 1st pizzeria, established in 1738 for street vendors who kept their pizza hot on small tin stove on their head, is still going strong today. The menu is too long and the consistency variable but when they get their marinara pizza just right, it is equal to any. The wood fired oven is l...

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La Antica Pizzeria Brandi : Naples

They did not invent the pizza Margherita but they named it. Raffaele Esposito is known as the father of modern pizza having prepared a pizza with cheese, tomato and basil to represent the colours of the Italian flag. The queen loved the pizza so much that she wrote a thank you note. Raffael in tu...

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50 Kalò : Naples

Pizza master Ciro Salvo makes "farm-to-table" pizza with his high quality carefully selected ingredients. The Pizza Dell' Alleanza is his award winning pizza, but it does't say on the menu. It's a white pizza with fior di latte from Agerola, Caserta black pork lard, auburn onions from Montoro, Co...

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L'Antica Pizzeria da Michele : Naples

Of the traditional pizzerias of Naples, Da Michele makes the best Margherita. The pizza goes from dough to oven to table in under 2 minutes in a synchronisation that would make the Moscow ballet proud. No other pizza on earth can be enjoyed at such freshness, speed and quality. The backdrop of Ju...

Adored by locals and made famous by President Clinton’s visit, this historic venue in operation since 1936 produces some of the best traditional Neapolitan pizza in town (and the world). Risotto Dishes, Naples, Vegetable Pizza, Tasty, Recipes, Oven, Kitchens, Veggie Pizza

Pizzeria Di Matteo : Naples

Adored by locals and made famous by President Clinton’s visit, this historic venue in operation since 1936 produces some of the best traditional Neapolitan pizza in town (and the world). However, it is an innovat...

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Antico Forno delle : Naples

This seashell shaped pastry originated in Naples and while you can find them all over the city, they are arguably the best from here. The location in a bit hidden in a dodgy neighbourhood, but pastry chef Attanasio has perfected the recipe. Layers of crispy puff pastry are filled with a ricotta c...