Creatures of My Life

All large and small creatures, living and dead, that have appeared in my life.
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a small donkey standing next to a wooden fence
This is a 'pink' donkey who fetched $20,000 in aid of the Cerebral Palsy Association of Calgary during the Canadian Sport Horse Select Sale Auction.
a brown horse standing in the dark with its bridle on it's head
Regardez, my stallion in a profile portrait.
a person jumping a horse over an obstacle
My gorgeous, gentle and talented Hanovarian stallion. (Sperm available)
three baby ducks are walking around in the gravel
Neighbour's baby chicks.
a brown and white dog sitting on top of a kitchen floor next to cupboards
A granddog named Ty.
a bird's nest in the middle of some leaves
After the babies flew away.
a husky dog laying on the ground in front of a black truck with it's paw hanging out
Buster, a granddog.
there is a bird that is standing in the water near rocks and stones on the shore
River Otter enjoys his lunch.
a small lizard is walking on the ground
Found on the road.
two deer standing on rocks near the water
All creatures, large and small, that I know.