Floating homes of all types and ages.
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an old boat sits on the water in front of some small houses near a mountain
Grandpa Forberg's camp (1920s)
a body of water that has some houses on it and boats in the water near by
Floating homes in Victoria Harbour
an old black and white photo of houses on the water
Forberg Logging Camp
there is a boat docked in the water next to some trees and flowers on the dock
Seattle Floathouse Community
an old black and white photo shows flood waters surrounding houses in the mountains, with trees on either side
Hovin stasjon i Gauldalen. Storflommen i 1940.
an old black and white photo of people on a boat in the water next to a building
Teraformers draining the Kankakee swamp, 1884. The boaters passed their floating dredge houses through pioneer townships. Like their seaborne counterparts, these landlocked mariners relieved themselves on booze, cabaret, gambling and prostitutes. Some left with a partner. Some of the newcomers became live-in whores for the crews, while others actually married into the dredging life, in which case the dredge boat was turned into a floating cathedral for the wedding.
an old black and white photo of boats in the water next to houses on stilts
Akershus fylke Vestby kommune Hvitsten Utg Carl Normann 1922
an old black and white photo of a house on the shore with boats in front of it
My childhood home.
a bike is parked on the dock next to some houses
Floathouse at Maple Bay, near Duncan BC