Grandkid's Fairy Garden

Images that grandchildren would enjoy seeing.
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a wooden planter filled with lots of flowers
Garden & Lawn Tools
Two-Tier Cedar Planter - Lee Valley Tools
three children are sitting on the ground near some plants and trees, looking at something off in the distance
See the fairy house!
ferns and rocks in the woods on a rainy day
There must be fairies here.
two children are walking down a path in the woods with ferns and flowers around them
Tracking the fairies.
a moss covered tree trunk with a hole in it
Everyone deserves a perfect world!
Fairy door...oh the magic we often do not see...
a dirt path surrounded by bushes and flowers
Which fairies use this pathway?
snowdrops are growing in the woods near trees
Woodland with Snowdrops
a sign that says frog parking only all others will be toad -&nbspThis website is for sale! -&nbspyourgardenplanner Resources and Information.
frog and toad
a small wooden door sitting on the side of a tree
fairy door