Not Sure if Your Pet is Fit or Fat? #pethealth #infographic

Dawg Business: It's Your Dog's Health! Show Off Your Dog's Waistline Campaign If you're concerned about your pet's weight, bring them in today and have one of our veterinarians discuss with you your pet's health plan!

Is Your Pet Overweight?

When it comes to our pet's weight, we don't always know what is best. Here are some tricks you can use to lower pets weight and extend their life.

Overweight Cats and Feline Obesity

"Sorry Spooky, I think you are beautiful just the way you are" Overweight Cats and Feline Obesity - inFURvention - Banfield Pet Hospital State of Pet Health

Go Big or Go Home: The Most Overweight Pets [INFOGRAPHIC] #overweight #pets

The Most Overweight Pets of This is gross and sad. My dog is currently 5 to 10 lbs overweight. I've changed her diet and we are trying to exercise more. Being that overweight, especially the lab above, it terrible for the dog's joints and other areas.


Dr says I'm fat so I ate him

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16 Funny Fat Cat Pictures Inspiring Us To Lose Some Weight – Cute Animal Photo - Easy Idea

AAHA releases first-ever Weight Management Guidelines for Dogs and Cats

Learn more about pet diabetes with Dr Joi Sutton. Did you know both dogs and cats can have type 1 or type 2 diabetes?

Homemade Cat Treats Making your own homemade cat treats is easy and simple and your cat will love them!

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