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That Awkward moment!!!

Bette Calman & The Yoga Super-Granny - Bette Calman is living proof that the ancient art of yoga can do wonders on the human body. Bette Calman has been practicing and teaching yoga for the last 40 years and, although other people …

Sexy king kong

Some statistics: of men didn't notice King Kong is on the picture. Little Fun - all about humor and fun!

Rock Paper Scissors

I win :D/ just a little more fun, inappropriate fun. ss If it was that cop I might just add a paper with my number ;

Banana fun fun

Funny pictures about Banana Problems. Oh, and cool pics about Banana Problems. Also, Banana Problems photos.

Titanic Rescue

lurve that Leo. (Titanic in lame! i also think there was enough room on that floating thing for Rose and Jack.


Amusing picture of a sexy big breasted girl sitting in a diner and having some snack, looking very dirty while eating hot dog with opened mouth

Purpose of War?

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