Explore Studica EdTech at ISTE 2016

ISTE 2016 is hosted by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE). This year, it will take place on June 2016 in Denver, Colorado. ISTE is globally recognized as the most comprehensive EdTech…

November Education Webinar Schedule Announced

View Studica's schedule of upcoming education webinar listings discussing project-based learning, hands-on STEM projects, game design, curriculum and more.

GameSalad Tutorial: How to Make Actors Collide

Learn about collision detection and set up your own scene using collision detection with this helpful GameSalad tutorial.

Unity Certification and Courseware Supports Education

Unity Technologies has revolutionized the game industry with Unity, a powerful development platform that is used to create games and interactive experiences. Unity now supports 25 platforms across VR and AR.

Unity Tutorial: How to Use Enums

Learn what an enum is, discover how and why you can use enums when creating games in Unity. Then use an enum to dictate some UI input.

GameSalad STEM Education Bundles with Curriculum

GameSalad STEM education bundles have everything you need to start engaging students in STEM learning with project-based curriculum, training and more.

001 Game Creator Makes Game Design a Breeze

Formerly known as GG Maker, 001 Game Creator introduces young designers to the world of game design with an easy-to-use, intuitive platform.

Create an Isometric Camera and Character Controller in Unity

Love Learn why you should consider using an isometric camera in your creating Unity game and learn how you can get started.

GameSalad 2D Game Maker: A Beginner’s Guide & Tutorial

GameSalad Game Maker: A Beginner& Guide & Tutorial