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Overnight Sticky Buns - Good Housekeeping

Not just sticky but also spicy, nutty and downright delectable, these breakfast treats should be started the night before you plan to serve them. The shaped buns slowly rise overnight in the refrigerator; all you do in the morning is bake them for 30

Sicilian Rice Balls - Arancini

Sicilian Rice Balls by squidoo: Arancini are little oranges because that is what they resemble when they emerge from the fryer. Short grain rice is essential for this recipe, the balls of rice will not be glutinous without it, use a risotto rice.

Zeppole Recipes

Sicilian Sfingi di San Giuseppe - Sfingi: these are filled cream puffs. Sicilians say Sfingi instead of zeppole but it's basically the same thing. We also use Ricotta Cannoli filling instead of custard. These Sfingi are baked instead of fried.