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Some definite interesting shapes going on here!

Vans Skatepark - The 25 Best Skateparks in the World | Complex CA

The 25 Best Skateparks in the World22. Vans Skatepark

The 25 Best Skateparks in the Micropolis Skatepark

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It’s hard to associate the word “epic” with a wooden skatepark, but I think Team Pain may have in fact pulled it off.

Better Extreme - London's Largest Indoor Skatepark | HUH.

Better Extreme is a newly opened skatepark located in the East London suburb of Dagenham

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Church use is in decline in The Netherlands, so they turned one in Arnhem into a "sweet" skate spot

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Looking for a safe place to skate without getting hassled? Scope out our list of the best skate parks in the Metro Detroit area including Modern, Riley, Oakland Vert and more!