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🇺🇸 Construction of the Panama Canal. First attempt done by France, gave up after Built by the USA; started May, 1904; finished August 1914 🎞 Jun-30-2022
🇺🇸 Family car (Overland, USA, ca. 1916) from Steve Given on Flickr 🎞 Nov-07-2021

🔸 History 🔸 State unknown or n/a

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*🇺🇸 Autumn in the mist (Monte Sano State Park, Alabama) by Wes Thomas 🍂 May-10-2021
🇺🇸 Into the Stone Cuts (Monte Sano State Park, Alabama) by Bill Boehm on 500px
*🇺🇸 Winter Wonderland (Alabama) by perkijl61 ❄️🌾


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*🇺🇸 Date: 1906. Red Mountain Iron mine (Birmingham, Alabama) from Detroit Publishing Company 🎞 Jul-04-2022
*🇺🇸 Company steel town (Jefferson County, Alabama, February, 1937) Photo by Arthur Rothstein, Resettlement Administration 🎞 Jun-02-2022

Alabama 🔸 History 🔸

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*🇺🇸 Chena Hot Springs (Alaska) by Quay Hu (@aroundq) on Instagram ❄️ May-16-2021 / Sep-21-2021 / Jul-04-2022
*🇺🇸 Forests and snowy mountains (Alaska) by Greg Boratyn (@greg_boratyn) • Instagram 🌲❄️ Jun-27-2022
*🇺🇸 Fall colours (Alaska) by Jody Overstreet (@jodyo.photos) • Instagram 🍂 Feb-21-2022

Alaska🚦 vertical

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*🇺🇸 Golden sunset (Alaska) by Alice Cahill 🌅 Jun-22-2022
*🇺🇸 Denali (Alaska) by Mike Criss 🌅 Feb-26-2022
*🇺🇸 Fishing boats (Hoonah, Alaska) by Bernard Spragg ⛴🌊 Jan-27-2022

Alaska 🚥 horizontal

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*🇺🇸 Trumpeter swans in flight (Westchester Lagoon, Anchorage, Alaska) by Jody Overstreet (@jodyo.photos) • Instagram 🍂 Mar-31-2022
*🇺🇸 Autumn (Denali National Park, Alaska) by ChrisBurkard (@chrisburkard) • Instagram 🍂 Jan-22-2022
*🇺🇸 Mountains and trees (Talkeetna, Alaska) by Trevor Johnston (@eyemeetsworld) on Instagram 🌲 Dec-28-2021

Alaska 🔳 square

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*🇺🇸 Damage from the 1964  9.2 earthquake (Anchorage, Alaska) from The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images 🎞

Alaska 🔸 Historical

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*🇺🇸 Rare snowfall in the desert land of the Navajo (Arizona) by John Mumaw / 500px ❄️🏜 Aug-26-2021 / Apr-28-2022
*🇺🇸 Sunset (Saguaro National Park, Arizona) from Arizona Highways (@arizonahighways) • Instagram 🌅 Apr-06-2022
*🇺🇸 Winter (Grand Canyon, Arizona) by Adam Schallau (@adamschallau) on Instagram 🌅❄️ Sep-26-2021

Arizona 🚦 vertical

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*🇺🇸 T. Rex lightning is a good enough reason to never leave your house again! (Petrified Forest NP, Arizona) from the US Department of the Interior on Twitter ⚡️ Jun-12-2022
*🇺🇸 Monument Valley (Arizona) by David Dinette (@daviddinette) • Instagram 🏜 Jun-12-2022
*🇺🇸 Fall color (Lockett Meadow, Arizona) by Dean Hueber from (@arizonahighways) on Instagram 🍂 Apr-23-2022

Arizona 🔳 square

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*🇺🇸 Monument Valley (Arizona) by David Dinette (@daviddinette) • Instagram 🏜 Jun-27-2022
*🇺🇸 Fall colours (Arizona) from Arizona Highways (@arizonahighways) • Instagram 🍂 Jun-12-2022
*🇺🇸 Sonoran Desert (Arizona) by Guy Schmickle 🌵 May-23-2022

Arizona 🚥 horizonal

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*🇺🇸 Lightning (Arizona) by Dawn Houghtaling (@rioverdewildhorses) • Instagram ⚡️ Jul-11-2022
*🇺🇸 Lightning (Monument Valley, Arizona) [photographer unknown] 🏜⚡️ Jun-30-2022
*🇺🇸 Lightning over the remains of the Lomaki Pueblo (Wupatki National Monument, Arizona) by Guy Schmickle 🏜⚡️ May 22/2021 / May-28-2022

Arizona 🚥 lightning ⚡️

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* 🇺🇸 Cactus light posts (Phoenix, Arizona, 1940) by Russell Lee from Arizona Highways (@arizonahighways) • Instagram 🎞 Aug-21-2021
*🇺🇸 Young Navajo mother and her child ca. 1953 from Arizona Highways (@arizonahighways) • Instagram 🎞 23-Jul-2021
*🇺🇸 Flag Day, 1976: Sadie Curtis, a Navajo weaver from the Ganado area, puts the finishing touches on a 50-star American flag at the Hubbell Trading Post. Photo by Jerry Jacka from Arizona Highways (@arizonahighways) on Instagram 🎞

Arizona 🔸 historical

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*🇺🇸 Civic Center (San Francisco, California) by Nicholas Steinberg (@nicholassteinbergphotography) • Instagram 🏙 Nov-10-2021
*🇺🇸 Moon over San Francisco (California) by Bruce Getty (@gettyphotography) • Instagram [click through for a description of creating this photograph. “It was very dangerous.”] 🏙 Oct-19-2021

California 🚦Buildings 🏙🏡 V

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*🇺🇸 Vineyard in the fall (Sonoma, California) by Brett Missick 🍂 Dec-28-2021
*🇺🇸 Fall colour (Mono County, Eastern Sierra, California) by Bruce Getty (@gettyphotography) • Instagram 🍂 Oct-19-2021
Misty fall morning (Eastern Sierra, California) by Richard Susanto cr.🇺🇸

California 🚦Autumn 🍂 Vertical

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*🇺🇸 Yosemite National Park (California) by Mason Strehl (@masonstrehl) • Instagram photos ❄️🌅 Jul-11-2022
*🇺🇸 Yosemite in winter (California) by Christian A. Schaffer (@christianschaffer) on Instagram ❄️ Nov-07-2021

California 🚦Snow ❄️ V

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*🇺🇸 Rhododendrons in a redwood forest (California) by Kristina Wilson (@kristinawilsonphoto) • Instagram 🌺 Jan-31-2021
*🇺🇸 Mt Shasta (California) by Sean Bagshaw 🌹
Flowers line the vineyard rows at Kunde Winery in Kenwood, California by Bob Bowman #Flowers 🇺🇸

California 🚦 Flowers 🌹🌸

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California 🌱 Grasslands V

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*🇺🇸 Evening fog and the lights of San Francisco (Mt Tamalpais, California) by Nicholas Steinberg (@nicholassteinbergphotography) on Instagram 🌅🏙 Jun-12-2022
*🇺🇸 Sunset (La Jolla, California) by Aidan Feuer (@aidanfeuer) • Instagram 🌅 Jun-07-2022
*🇺🇸 Ventura sunset (California) by Andres Fernandez (@dat_dude_andres) on Instagram 🌅 Jun-21-2021 / Apr-17-2022

California 🚦Sunrise/-set 🌅 V

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*🇺🇸 Redwoods (California) by Elliot Hawkey (@elliothawkey) • Instagram 🌲 May-23-2022
*🇺🇸 Redwood National and State Parks (California) by David Dinette (@daviddinette) • Instagram 🌲Apr-12-2022

California 🚦Trees, greenery🌲 V

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Pier 7 (San Francisco, California) 🌫🇺🇸
Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California, 🇺🇸

California 🚦Sea, lake 🌊 V

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Full Moon Over Windmill (California) by Don Smith / 500px
Salt Water Taffy (Death Valley, California) by Michael Lindberg on 500px
🇺🇸 Alabama Hills (California) by Demas Rusli (@demas) • Instagram 🏜cr.

California 🚦Desert 🏜 V

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*🇺🇸 Lightning (Rio Vista, California) by Bob Horowitz ⚡️ Apr-06-2022
🇺🇸 Rainbow and rainy road (Yosemite National Park, California) posted by Meprado on reddit
🇺🇸 Path through a field of gold (Carrizo Plain National Monument, California) by Michael Blanchette / 500px cr.🌼

California🚦 Other V

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Half Dome, Yosemite 🇺🇸
Yosemite (California) by Gabe Rodriguez (@831gaberodriguez) on Instagram 🇺🇸

California ⛰Mountains V

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*🇺🇸 Sunrise (Lassen Peak and Manzanita Lake, California) by Beth Young 🌅 Jul-11-2022
*🇺🇸 Sunset (Ventura, California) by Andres Fernandez (@dat_dude_andres • Instagram 🌅 May-03-2022
*🇺🇸 Lavender sunrise fog (Mt Tamalpais, California) by Nicholas Steinberg (@nicholassteinbergphotography) on Instagram 🌅 Mar-26-2022

California 🔳 sq 🌅 Sunset

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