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Fred Reid-Matt

Fred Reid-Matt
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Taxis are likely to be one the first industries to adopt self-driving cars, to move their passengers faster and for less money. #AutonoMobility

Dispatch Utility Vehicle Concept by William van Beek Designer descriptions: Dispatch Utility Vehicle does not have a designated front end, allowing it to drive right…

Even compared to the rapid developments of today, we can only expect autonomous cars to keep advancing even more quickly into the future. #DrivingTheFuture

/**/ /**/ The invention of autonomous cars gained widespread public exposure in world fair exhibition. Automakers had envisioned the car with an out…

One benefit of self-driving trucks is a lower cost of goods. #AutonoMobility

The Future Truck 2025 concept can drive itself, features a gorgeous cabin, and puts on a nifty light show. Read more and see photos at Car and Driver.

Autonomous cars could bring an end to car accidents. #SaferCarsSaferRoads

In the future, are self-driving cars going to be used to create safer roads? They will hopefully be used as an everyday car that promotes safety so there is no risk of driving while drunk, tired, or distracted.

How the law is changing with autonomous cars in mind.

Laws and Ethics for Autonomous Cars A body of laws and ethics for autonomous vehicles must be developed, because they will be much safer, but nothing is perfect.