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a red eyed frog sitting on top of a black coffee cup with its eyes open
Frog on!
Just stopping by to introduce you to the best Canadian coffee. FROG ON
beans, coffee beans, and other foods are arranged in the shape of a rainbow
A coffee beans life journey!
The very best kind of cherry - that becomes the roasted coffee bean.
a coffee cup sitting on top of a table next to autumn leaves and a scarf
hug in a cup
Every cup of Frog Friendly Coffee is like a hug in a cup!
three bags of swiss water sit in front of each other on a gray surface,
Decaf is a dark roast.
Frog friendly proudly uses the swiss water process for all decaf coffee.
a beaver wearing a red hat and holding a coffee cup
Coffee in the great North!
In the great North, coffee reigns supreme! According to the coffee association of Canada, our beloved brew steals the spotlight, outshining even the humble tap water. Keep, beavering Canadians and enjoy the brew. Frog on!
a coffee grinder sitting on top of a table next to a bag of coffee beans
Coffee Enthusiasts Welcome
On average a coffee enthusiast enjoys about 10lbs of coffee beans per year. That's a whole lot of Frog Friendly flavvvvvvvvour! Whether you're a daily drinker or a weekend sipper, Frog Friendly Coffee is here to keep your cup filled with organic, sustainable and delicious java!
a drink with ice and lavender flowers next to a bag of honey on a tray
Lavender Iced Latte.
Mmm, say no more. -Ice -Honey -Lavender -A shot of Frog Friendly Organic Espresso Hello, spring in a cup!
there is a frog face in the top of a cup of coffee
Organic brew.
Organic coffee makes a wild hiding spot for frogs.
coffee beans are being poured into a small pond with water from the faucet
Coffee Cultivation.
With billions of coffee lovers around the world enjoying their daily brew, it's essential to recognize the significant water footprint of coffee production. Water is a precious resource for both coffee cultivation and our planet's well-being. At frog friendly coffee, we're committed to sustainable practices that minimize our water footprint and protect water resources for future generations.
a large box on the back of a boat with plants growing out of it's sides
Coffee from Oaxaca to Canada
Our Frog Friendly Coffee takes a remarkable journey, starting in the lush cloud forests of Oaxaca. Here our beans thirve naturally, untouched by unhealthy chemicals. After the picking and drying process they then set sail across the vast Pacific Ocean, making their way to your cup. So, when you enjoy th e brew you love, remember the incredible journey it took to get to you. Frog on!
a frog sitting in a teacup on top of a plate with coffee beans around it
A cup of frog!
.....When your coffee cup turns into a magical spa for frogs. Our cup is not just a vessel for beans; it's a haven for our little froggy friend. Savour the aroma of Frog Friendly Coffee while this ceramic cutie enjoys a luxurious bean bath. Because at Frog Friendly, even our frogs know how to unwind! Frog on!
there are many coffee tools on the table
Organic Coffee - from farming to roasting!
Finding our why. In the whirlwind of moving and renovating at Frog Friendly Coffee, we've had a chance to pause and dive deep into meaningful conversations. It's been a journey of reflection, where we've openly acknowledged our missteps and raised a toast to our victories. But what stands out the most in this reflective time is our reconnection with our core purpose - our 'why.' Coffee is not just our business: it's our passion and life's work. But it goes beyond the aromatic beans and the perfect brew, It's about the people we serve, the communities we touch and the love and care we infuse into every cup.
three frogs sitting on top of a green branch with labels describing the different parts of them
Which frog are you? ~
Meet our coffee-loving frogs! Each one has their own favourite roast, just like you might have yours. "I'm all about that Medium Roast. It's like a sunshine filled morning in every cup!" - Mr. Medium Frog "Dark Roast, the bolder the better! It's like a cozy campfire for your taste buds." - Dr. Dark Frog "Espresso, a shot of pure energy! I'm always ready to hop into action with this one!" - Espresso Frog "Decaf, for those chill moments. Life's too short to always be jumping, sometimes it's nice to relax!" - Decaf Frog Which roast of frog friendly are you today? FROG ON.
a pile of coffee beans sitting next to each other
abundant in beans.
coffee being poured into two cups on top of a table
Ethical sourcing of coffee beans..
...brings about numerous benefits, not just for the consumer but also for the environment and the communities involved... Sustainability: Eco-friendly practices protect the environment. Fair Compensation: Fair wages uplift farming communities. Community Development: Projects enhance local life. Biodiversity: Supports wildlife and conservation. Quality & Traceability: Transparent supply chain for consumers.