We Aren't Kidding That This Is The Most Canadian Photo Ever

Royal Canadian Mounted Police and hockey.on an outdoor rink in a Canadian winter scene.

Beautiful image taken during an RCMP Musical Ride performance. The Musical Ride was first performed in 1887 and now it is one of the best-known Canadian symbols worldwide.

greyson has always dreamed of being a mountie, living up to yet another canadian stereotype

Canadian Mountie RCMP High Mountains

Canadian Mountie RCMP High mountains on Horse

We Arent Kidding That This Is The Most Canadian Photo Ever

A snapshot of a lone Mountie, donned in his full Red Serge, playing shinny on a glacial lake in B.'s Purcell mountain range is being called the "most Canadian picture ever." Kaslo, B. Shaun Begg scored a goal in his official uniform.

RCMP Bagpipe break.......

RCMP Bagpipe break.......

A circle of RCMP officers on horseback pointing lances inwards. Opens in pop-up window

Join us for the spectacle known around the world—The RCMP Musical Ride! This summer, Lower Fort Garry plays host to the precision and pageantry of Canada's Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).