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Delicious bread loaf made in just over an hour. A great companion to pasta or soup. Or made into a sandwich. | Frugal Allergy Mom

Frugal mom to a nut allergic child: No Time Bread Loaf

No Knead Bread in a Hurry Recipe. Same great taste as no knead bread but takes less time. This is one recipe you will want to keep making over and over again.

In my No Time Bread post from earlier this week, I made a bread loaf in just over an hour.

Recipe: 10 Minute Shrimp Fried Rice (Chinese restaurant style) | Frugal Allergy Mom Tags: Chinese food, Chinese recipes, seafood recipes, quick recipes, fried rice recipes

I love using leftover rice to make fried rice as it is both quick and delicious. You can make fried rice with virtually any protein (chi.

Siracha WOWBUTTER on Toast with Cilantro by Frugal Allergy Mom

Okay, before you click away, just hear me out. This "recipe" (it's not much of a recipe but a suggested pairing) is actually quite good.

Homemade No Knead Pizza Dough by Frugal Allergy Mom

In university, I survived on pizza. It is one of those meals that checks off all the food groups and tastes delicious hot or cold.

Portabella Mushroom and Spinach No Knead Pizza by Frugal Allergy Mom

With a little preparation, homemade pizza can be ready in the same amount of time as cooking a frozen pizza and it is definitely qui.

3 Minute Microwaved Corn Recipe by Frugal Allergy Mom

All you need are a knife, corn and microwave. Tips from Frugal Allergy Mom

Easy Peasy Beef and Macaroni. 20 minute dinners by Frugal Allergy Mom.

This recipe is from my mother-in-law, who is a lovely lady and an even better cook.

Kimchi Ramen by Frugal Allergy Mom

Looking back at my university days, if it was not for my mom, I would have sustained entirely on processed foods. One of my favorite food.