This would be Hetalia if it wasn't so not. It would be more, "Who's that quietly yelling at America?"

Another pinner said: This is funnier when you watch hetalia axis I powers <---- this is way funnier if you've watched hetalia lol

Official Canadian Temperature Chart-Hilarious but I think that the cold in Canada is different than in the Us. Humidity is an important factor.

Official Canadian Temperature Chart

Funny pictures about Official Canadian temperature chart. Oh, and cool pics about Official Canadian temperature chart. Also, Official Canadian temperature chart.

Canadian hospitality isn't just the punch line of a thousand jokes...

Bernières-sur-mer - German prisoners guarded by Canadian troops on Juno Beach .

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I think bagged milk is an Eastern Canada thing because in my 19 year I haven't seen a single bag of milk.

Bilderparade CDLXXIV LangweileDich.net_Bilderparade_CDLXXIV_44

Bilderparade CDLXXIV LangweileDich.net_Bilderparade_CDLXXIV_44

So ... ?? I know, do you?

It’s a jug which one would put bagged milk into and then snip the corner of the bag which was just above the rim of the jug, then one could pour milk easily .

Canadian Problems. Wait. This ISNT and American thing.!?!

This ISNT and American thing. I always hated the beep test in elementary school!

French class problems.

canadian problems *irregular verbs* for all those English people out there


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I've actually never heard this before. Probably why I score so low on 'How Canadian Are You?' tests...

Meanwhile in Canada.Simply disgusting, SNIRT = cross between snow & dirt in the Spring.

I'm French Canadian

I can speak French because I go to a French Emerson school but I'm not French Canadian