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We can survive just fine without animal products. In Fact you can live a more beautiful healthy energetic life while making a difference so why take a life for our own greed? Watch Cowspiracy and be the change you want to see in our world! Best Quotes, Life Quotes, Wise Men Say, Love The Earth, Inner Strength, Greed, People Quotes, Life Lessons, At Least

Mahatma Gandhi - India's freedom fighter, removed the atrocious british rule in India through Ahimsa (Non-violence) #Hinduism

When one tugs at a single thing in nature john muir Book Of Remembrance, Family Mission Statements, Mother Nature Quotes, Save Nature, Good Sentences, We Are All Connected, John Muir, Spiritual Wisdom, Rest Of The World

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Quotes about the environment to keep you inspired towards earth friendly living. From Gandhi, Nadar, Baez. We are all connected, action is the antidote.

Earth ~Astroair Astrology by Mandi Lockley: Synastry ~ Making Friends with the Elements Capricorn Earth Sign, Taurus Moon, Capricorn And Virgo, Mars And Earth, Year Of The Tiger, 4 Element, Air Signs, Earth Signs, Thing 1 Thing 2

Synastry ~ Making Friends with the Elements

[Note: this article has also appeared on a popular website that looks at the astrology of love, sex and relationships] Have you ever wondered why you attract the friends and lovers that you do? Is it your similarities that bring you together, or your differences, or a bit of both? In astrology, the study of relationship compatibility is called synastry, or chart comparison. Synastry can be complex, but like most things in astrology, keeping it simple can be very…