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Gail Chesson
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1970 Big Wheel | Big Wheel - 1969 - 1980 - Marx Toy Co

The one and only Big Wheel. This is where it all started . my Big Wheel first, and eventually graduated to my Mustang. Love the wind blowing on my face when I'm driving with the windows down . just like on my Big Wheel :)

Saddle shoes ! These were popular in the 50's. And it was still in style with grade and high schoolers in the 60's. Even in to the 70's.

Saddle Oxfords with the red crepe soles. The saddles were more expensive so I usually had plain gray ones. I hated the gray, & thought I was something whenever I got saddles. I was so rough on shoes I now know why I got the gray ones most of the time.

'Happy Days' Ralph, Fonzie, Potsie, & Ritchie

1974 – Happy Days premiered on ABC with & Around The Clock& as its original theme song. The popularity of the television show put Bill Haley& song back .

old roller skates I used in the 60's; on a string around our necks we wore a special key used to tighten the skates

and early skates. Mine were orange and you would strap these over your shoes. You needed the metal key to adjust the length and width to your shoes ["I've got a brand new pair of roller skates, you've got a brand new key"]