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Why didn't I think of that? Brilliant ideas for the garden that make it easier, better, more beautiful...and with less weeds of course!
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a field full of pink flowers with the words growing annual tulips
Tantalizing Tulips: Embrace the Joy of Growing Annual Tulips - Garden Therapy
They’re here for a good time, not a long time. Yes, I’m talking about annual tulips! These beautiful spring flowers make a huge impact when they pop out of the ground after the winter. Annual tulips are some of the more expressive cut flowers, so let’s talk about how you can start planting tulips now for enjoyment later! #flowers #flowergarden #flower #gardentherapy #gardening #garden #plants
a pile of pumpkins sitting on top of each other next to a price sign
Preparing for Pumpkin Harvest: How to Pick the Perfect Pumpkin! - Garden Therapy
Are you ready for the pumpkin harvest? Get ready with this ultimate guide on how to pick a pumpkin. Whether you’re a certified jack-o-lantern artist or a pumpkin bread lover, I have tips to help you pick the best pumpkins for all your festive needs! #pumpkins #fall #fallinspo #gourds #harvest #autumn #gardening #garden #gardentherapy #growyourown #ediblegarden
some blue and white flowers with the words,'using the garden for recovery '
The Healing Power of Gardening: Using the Garden for Recovery - Garden Therapy
The garden saved me in so many ways, and I want it to do the same for you. The action of gardening and getting outside has many healing and health benefits and is one of the best ways to get your body moving again. Let’s talk about the power of gardening and how to get started while your body is still recovering. #mentalhealth #selfcare #healinggarden #natureheals #gardenlife #gardentherapy #naturalhealth #health
the cover of a book with yellow flowers in it and text that reads, herb guide to st john's wort garden therapy
Herbal Guide to St. John’s Wort: How to Grow, Harvest, and Use St. Johns
St. John’s wort is a cheerful, useful plant that any herbalist can easily add to her medicine cabinet. Here is the history of the plant and how to grow it (or forage it). Plus, learn the benefits St. John’s wort, plus three different ways you can use it. #apothecary #herbs #plants #healing #natural #garden #gardentherapy
how to store bulbs over winter
How to Store Bulbs Over Winter: Save Your Summer-Flowering Bulbs!
Bulbs are one of the brightest, boldest ways to fill your garden with a rainbow of colours and scents. But when fall comes around, we’re not ready to say goodbye to those summer-flowering bulbs. Learn how to store bulbs over winter so you can enjoy the same flowers again next season! #Bulbs #Overwintering #OverwinterBulbs #BulbGarden #BulbTips #GardenTherapy
an open suitcase filled with jewelry sitting on top of a table
Plant Jewelry: One-of-a-Kind Pieces Inspired By the Garden! - Garden Therapy
Take the natural world with you! Discover some of the most beautiful, garden-inspired plant jewelry to add to your collection. #plants #plantjewelry #jewelry #gifts #botanical #gardentherapy
fresh herb finishing salt in a small glass jar with a tag on the side and rosemary sea salt next to it
Fresh Herb Finishing Salt Recipe - Garden Therapy
An herbal finishing salt is a flavorful condiment and a creative way to preserve the freshness of the herb garden for use throughout the year. Herb finishing salt can be used to flavor fresh vegetables from the garden or garnish your other culinary creations. Get the recipe: #rosemary #lime #salt #recipe #gardengrown #herbs #gardening #herbgarden #growyourown #makeyourown #gardentherapy
stepping stones in the garden with text overlay that reads diy hopscotch stepping stones
Hopscotch Garden Stepping Stones
These hopscotch stepping stones aren’t the traditional children’s hopping game, nor are they typical for a garden pathway. They're part of a play garden design. Learn how to make your own: #gardendecor #gardendesign #gardening #gardenart #DIY #gardentherapy
california poppy growing guide in the garden with text overlay that reads, california poppy growing guide
Meet the California Poppy: Growing + Care Guide
Looking for an extra touch of sunshine in your garden beds this year? The California poppy provides plenty of beauty with minimal work! Learn how to grow and care for this pretty poppy for a golden addition to your garden. #poppies #gardening #flowers #flowergarden #gardentips #gardenideas #nature #outdoors #gardentherapy
flowers and plants with text overlay that reads, drought - tolerant perennials
Top 10 Drought-Tolerant Perennials
Replacing your garden plants with drought-tolerant perennials is the smart choice for a low-maintenance garden that conserves water. For any hot hot summers, this can be a real lifesaver for your garden, energy, and water bill! Here are a few of my favourite drought-tolerant perennial flowers. #Gardening #Garden #Perennials #Flowers #FlowerGarden #GardenTherapy
an image of a garden with flowers and plants in pots on the bottom right hand corner
Beware: AI Gardening Content Has Taken Over, and We Should Be Worried - Garden Therapy
From pictures of plants that don’t exist to stolen recipes, everywhere I turn, I see AI content. As someone who has spent many years teaching people the love of gardening, it pains me to see how this misleads readers and hurts creators. Here’s what you can do to become more informed about AI gardening content online. #Ai #Gardening #gardentips #plants #gardendangers #gardenadvice #gardeninghelp #gardentherapy
the cover of moon gardens plants that bloom only under moonlight by garden therapy, featuring hanging lights
Gardening in the Moonlight: Plant Your Own Ethereal Moon Garden - Garden Therapy
Let the lunar light shine bright on your garden. Moon gardens are mystical spaces that embrace the darkness and contain bright white plants and those that only bloom at night. The result is a beautiful, serene space for enjoying the garden long after the sun has gone. Here’s how to plant your own moon garden: #gardening #moongarden #gardenideas #gardeningtips #night #outdoors #nature #gardentherapy
fall container garden care and maintenance
Fall Planter Ideas + Simple Container Care and Maintenance
These fall planter ideas will have your home looking festive for the autumn. Whether you are a seasoned gardener or a first-time planter, the simple tips and tricks in this post will help your container gardens thrive this season. #fallgarden #fall #falltime #fallplanters #autumn #leaves #planters #containers #containergarden #gardening #gardenideas #gardentherapy
privacy screen with the words privacy screen building plans in front of it and an image of a
A DIY Espalier Privacy Screen for the Backyard - Garden Therapy
If you have a small urban lot or a close proximity to your neighbors’ yards, you may also have the need to create a sense of privacy in your outdoor oasis. You can build one yourself with a few easy-to-find materials and get growing with an espaliered climbing shrub that looks beautiful for all four seasons. #privacyscreen #backyard #gardening #gardendecor #outdoorliving #gardentherapy
an outdoor fountain surrounded by flowers and plants with text overlay that reads diy garden water feature
DIY Solar Water Fountain Planter
Looking to add some cottage charm to your garden? Discover how I used a solar powered garden fountain to create a fun and unique garden planter. Follow this easy DIY guide to create your own!