Forcing spring branches

Tierra Linda Ranch has beautiful flora and fauna! Check out the trees, grasses, flowers, cactus and shrubs of this Texas community.

The beauty and burden of snow

Let’s hope for a thick blanket of snow over the garden this winter. A snow-covered garden is best for plants. Ice is better left for the rink or your drink.

Beautiful Cornelian cherry

Cornelian cherry blooms early with short-stalked umbels of yellow flowers breaking from bare wood. Cornelian cherry flowers have a honey scent.

Global warming and plant hardiness

Despite the warming trend, borderline hardy plants in my garden continue to suffer winter damage. Global warming hasn’t altered plant hardiness zones yet.

Long-needled pines

In the back garden, there’s another long needled pine, ‘Chalet’ Swiss stone pine, which is a slow-growing, compact tree with a dense conical form.

My favourite, the fern-leaved beech tree

The fern-leaved beech is a tree of true elegance, with narrow glossy green leaves that turn burnished bronze in autumn and form the most ideal leaf mulch.