No room for Islam in CANADA! Majority of influx MUSLIMS are ~ ~ I L L E G A L S ~ ~. 0bama wants ~ ~ A M N E S T Y ~ ~ ~ ~ D E P O R T ~ I L L E G A L ~ M U S L I M S ~

No room for this type of Islam and note the signs say to massacre and to behead.violent murderers publicly announcing it

Canada's Obama-Both have the same agenda, destroy the country they've been sworn to secure and make better!

Sheriff of Harney County gives a speech and reassert that he won't do his job

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WHICH WOULD YOU RATHER HAVE CANADA? >>>Me: I'd rather have the one who refused to bat words, with fools.>>>Phony tears, a cheesy smile, only a fool or a desperate person in heat, would want "Pretty Boy"

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We can afford thousands of phoney refugees from the USA but we cannot afford our homeless vets, indigenous people, seniors, or working poor. He doesn't care what Canadians feel, he just wants the rest of the world to praise him.

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