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a t - shirt with an abstract design on it
Ice Dyed Geode Tie Dye Shirt Tutorial
Tutorial video showing and explaining how to tie and apply the dye to make an ice dyed geode tie dye shirt.
a large list of different colored lines on a white background with the names and numbers in each row
The Best Coloring Books for Adults - Coloring Book Zone
Rit Dye color chart - make a custom color
an open book with pink and red paint on it
dunk an old book in a vat of Rit dye and let dry -- great start to an art journal
Dunk an old book in a Rit dye bath and let dry -- great start to an art journal by rosebud2
the color chart for different shades of red, yellow, blue and green is shown
Tutorial: RIT-Dye Color Chart by taeliac on DeviantArt
RIT Dye Color Chart. It includes wool, but the wool swatches are weird looking. I wouldn't use Rit on wool unless it was all I could get.