"Meanwhile In Canada"

Huge Blizzard Dumps Snow on US and Canada photos) - Cheating is SINfulCheating is SINful

Canada Day DIY Tshirt - made this for our little Canada Day birthday girl friend! It was a hit!

Canada Day inspiration: 25 DIY ideas, crafts, printables and recipes for July 1st

DIY Canada flag T-shirt.I have to make this for Aunt Wanda's Canada Day Party!

in Canada

Winter in Canada – Funny Pics & comments

Hahaha yup!

April means ice cream, no matter what…

Do you like to eat ice-cream sitting in your favorite in winter? Do you tremendous joy from snowflakes that touch your eyelashes? Tell about your during winter outings with ice-cream.

As a Canadian, I appreciate a little hockey humor.

Funny pictures about Hockey signs are usually the wittiest. Oh, and cool pics about Hockey signs are usually the wittiest. Also, Hockey signs are usually the wittiest.

canada wins gold medal

Check out this website Police Brutality in Canada after Gold Medal Win .


How is American beer like making love in a canoe It's fucking close to water