Lego Cat Sculpture

20 Pretty Cool Sculptures Created from Legos

Pluto, the Black Cat — Nathan Sawaya — The Art of the Brick

CubeDude автопортрет с моим котом, мисо

CubeDude автопортрет с моим котом, мисо

LEGO builder Iain Heath aka Ochre Jelly created avery flattering Tard the Grumpy Cat out of LEGO bricks, It looks like Tard lost some weight. LEGO CAT: Tard сварливый Cat

Funny pictures about Grumpy Lego. Oh, and cool pics about Grumpy Lego. Also, Grumpy Lego.

Lego Universe Cat Pet

I think that I have the largest collection of accurate Lego Unverse pets built outside of the game itself, and LDD.

Это опасно идти в одиночку!  Примите это.

Это опасно идти в одиночку! Примите это.

Кошка на горячей?  деревянный?  Структура rooflike

If you thought LEGO Creator Pet Shop was cool, you haven't seen the pets created with standard LEGO bricks by extraordinary cat-loving folks.

Lego Кошки - галерея на Flickr  Beebo 01

I made my friend’s cat Beebo to give him for Christmas. Beebo is very disgruntled and likes to look at things in his disgruntled manner. Based off my friend’s photo of Kim Jong-Beebo looking at things.

Испуганный кот

Испуганный кот

LEGO cat

LEGO cat