chocolate party spoons

DIY Hot Chocolate or Coffee Stirring Spoons - Gifts from the Kitchen idea. Great as Stocking Stuffer or part of a Gift Basket idea. How-to tutorial-photos with instructions. Also cute party favor idea.


Cream Cheese Blueberry Pie Recipe is a Very easy to prepare and a hit at a dinner party. It made mini pies also so people could take a sam.

Vanilla Rainbow Cake  Culinary Concoctions by Peabody

This cake takes the rainbow theme and puts it on its side, delivering an unexpected look. It’s easy enough to attain, baking long strips of cake and then aligning them on their side, but it really elicits a “wow” reaction.


I love Nutella! For those who are unaware, Nutella is a chocolatey hazelnut spread also in Ferrero Rochers. It tastes amazing with pita chips. And just curious: how do you pronounce Nutella? Nuh-tella, new-tella, or noo-tella?

Mint Candy-Filled Cookies

Mint Candy Filled Cookies

Andes Mint Candy Filled Cookies: Refrigerated cookie dough mixed with chopped mint-chocolate candies forms this easy cookie, topped with pretty green frosting and candy garnish.

Gâteaux au fromage praliné!!!

Caramel-Praline Cheesecake recipe/ recommend using half and half instead of the milk.