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Mediterranean Potato Hash with Asparagus, Chickpeas and Poached Eggs | The Mediterranean Dish

A Potato Hash Asparagus, Chickpeas, and earthy Mediterranean spices. Topped with tomatoes, fresh herbs, feta and perfectly poached eggs!

Universal Spice Rub

Universal Spice Rub—Keep this simple all-purpose rub on hand for a last-minute flavour boost. You can rub it onto ribs, brisket, steak, chicken, fish or seafood before putting them on the barbecue.

Sweet Smoky Tomato Basting Sauce

This sauce mellows out considerably when brushed over meat on the grill, but it also packs a punch of flavour when served as a side sauce at the table. For doubly delicious results, use it to baste while grilling and serve extra sauce at the table.