getting this for Jen's and Hazz' future apartment, flat thingamajig!

Lovecats poster This is so nicely designed. I love how the text is centered and the hierarchy is clear. The cats in various poses and croppings make it so interesting! Unity by repetition/similariy, unity by centering the text.

bird-on-a-wire map paintings.

Absolutely ADORE these bird-on-a-wire map paintings. modern illustration style painting of swallows and poppies love the use of a recycled map for the canvas

Notice the ORDER that comes in - bcz it's not a joke... m <^-^> m ~ rawr!!

Notice the ORDER that comes in - bcz it's not a joke. m <^-^> m ~ rawr! get some yourself some pawtastic adorable cat apparel!

Alan Fletcher

Alan Fletcher (he loves simple and colourful, especially his signature red circle) This is such a smart piece of design - simple but goes beyond one's imagination. [Uyen N.] 2 blank circles, one red circle, and a straight line, create the illusion of wha


Blue Cat Sleeping Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Jackie Ludtke

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