"The Big Rock, Bon Echo," Arthur Lismer, 1922, oil on canvas, 36 x 40", National Gallery of Canada.

The Big Rock, Bon Echo, Arthur Lismer, oil on canvas, 36 x National Gallery of Canada.

Pines, Georgian Bay, by Arthur Lismer, Canadian, Group of Seven painter

Pines, Georgian Bay by Arthur Lismer, Canadian, Group of Seven painter. Arthur Lismer taught art to my father in college.

Arthur Lismer, Group of Seven, 1930

Arthur Lismer – was an English-born Canadian painter and member of the Group of Seven

The Sheep’s Nose, Bon Echo Arthur Lismer, Canada 1885-1969 oil on canvas 101.6 x 114.3 cm.

The Sheep's Nose, Bon Echo, Arthur Lismer Canadian, Member of The Group of Seven 1885 - 1969

The Group of Seven Arthur Lismer "A September Gale Georgian Bay"

Lismer, Arthur A September Gale, Georgian Bay 1921 Oil on canvas x 163 cm x 64 in.) National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa

Minesweepers, Halifax, 1919, Arthur Lismer, oil on canvas, 48.3 x 64.4 in., Canada

laurelrusswurm: “ “ Minesweepers, Halifax Harbour 1919 Arthur Lismer ” Like A.Jackson, the Group of Seven’s Arthur Lismer also did work for the Canadian Government during the Great War. Since the Crown Copyright has now expired, these works are now.

"Nova Scotia Fishing Village," Arthur Lismer, 1930, oil on canvas, 36.4 x 42.3", National Gallery of Canada.

46 paint fishing village 'after' Lismer's painting? Nova_Scotia_Fishing_Village_by_Artist_Arthur_Lismer_Group_of_Seven_Painter.

Olympic with Returned Soldiers, c.1919, oil painting, Arthur Lismer, Canadian War Museum

Olympic with Returned Soldiers - RMS Olympic in dazzle camoflage at Halifax, Nova Scotia painted by Canadian war artist Arthur Lismer (Group of Seven)

"The Picnic," Arthur Lismer, 1915-1916, oil on beaverboard, 47.9 x 91.14", National Gallery of Canada.

"The Picnic," Arthur Lismer, oil on beaverboard, x National Gallery of Canada.